Massage Therapy

Physician Supervised Massage

Massage is a great relaxation and therapeutic tool, but if done incorrectly in people with acute or chronic conditions it can do more harm than good. Because of this, we provide Physician Supervised massage therapy sessions. Our physicians carefully review your symptoms and medical history. Once this assessment is done, our doctors work hand in hand with our therapist to put together a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and diagnosis. Our treatment addressee conditions such as muscle over contracture trigger points, adhesions, scar tissue and muscle spasms.

*May be covered by some Insurance Company*

Massage Services

Swedish: $40 for 30 mins, $70 for 60 mins, $ 90 for 90 mins

Prenatal: $40 for 30 mins, $70 for 60 mins,  $90 for 90 mins

Reflexology (foot): $40 for 30 mins   $70 for 60 mins

Massage Therapy Service Description

Swedish – This relaxing European method reduces tension and improves circulation.

Prenatal – This massage will improve circulation. It aids in diminishing hip and back pain, reducing leg cramps and swollen ankles and relieves headaches.

Reflexology – A massage for the feet using specific pressure alleviate stress and promote healing.

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